Dear SavvyMedia Client,

Now you can communicate with your leads real time from your mobile phone when they come into your AnchorCRM account with our mobile app.

Download the mobile app for your preferred mobile device and be sure to log in to the app using your AnchorCRM login credentials.



Please be advised that these leads, like all other sources may require 7-10 contact attempts before a lead will respond.  This is normal! 

Speed-to-Lead is the #1 way to convert any lead to a conversation and possible buyer/seller.   

Your follow up ultimately will be the key to winning new clients because of the exclusivity of these leads you are equipped with a HUGE advantage over sources like Zillow or because you are not competing with any other agents over the same lead!. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach our Client Support Team at

Thank you,
Th SavvyMedia Support Team