IMPORTANTWhen changing your lead campaign Voicemail be sure to click the Edit button and NOT the Remove button.  The Edit button allows you to edit the audio file where the Remove button deletes the entire Voicemail step from the 30 day sequence and we cannot undo that deletion, so proceed with caution. See screenshot below:

How To Change Your Lead Campaign Voicemail

Savvy Media Group Voicemail Drop Script 


Here is the video explaining how to update the audio file and the script that works really well to follow:

Hey its ______Your Name Here______ of ___Your Business Here___realty just wanted to reach out and thank you for checking out our listing on Facebook. 

Where you looking to schedule a time to come see the property or would you simply like more property details?.

You can call me back at _Your Phone Number_Here_ or shoot me at text anytime, which ever works best for you!

Talk soon.... Agent Name

Savvy Media Group Voicemail #2 Drop Script 

Hey its ___Your Name Here___  again just following up wanted to thank you for checking out our listing on Facebook yesterday.

Just wanted to see would be a good time for you come out see the property or if you just more details on the property itself.

My number is Your Phone Number_Here_ Feel free to give me a call back or shoot me a text any time!

Talk soon.... Agent Name

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach our Client Support Team at

Thank you,
Th SavvyMedia Support Team